Oof. Rough work day.

I get jumbled so easily with social conflict conundrums. I forgot to eat lunch.

Do you feel like everyone is buzzing lately? More so than they used to? Strangers you encounter, I mean. I learned in a training for work recently that we send out a magnetic field from our bodies that interacts with other peoples' magnetic fields. I feel like everyone is buzzing louder than they used to. Or more intensely. I don't hear it, it's a feeling, an awareness. Is that weird? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Someone I used to know was fixated on the two ideas of how absurd it is that 1) many people do what they are socially expected to do, and 2) that folks have absurd thoughts and impulses that they don't act on. They talked about those ideas often. I wonder if they hadn't encountered enough impulsive people yet in their life. To be fair, I agreed at the time. It was over a decade ago. This sequestering is making me nostalgic and broody.

A progression picture of the ferment in a ball jar, covered slightly by a dish towel. It is more yellow, the liquid has gone up, and there are faint bubbles on the liquid's surface.

Anywho, here's the ferment I started last post. A lot of pressure and bubbles so far. The pressure release can be a satisfying stress-relief measure (I like the sound of that sentence). It's basically like a biiiig breath out that you've been holding in all day. Ahhh.

I started volunteering as a Citizen Archivist today. It's pretty interesting. I transcribe or tag historical documents. I get to learn about historical events from a first-hand perspective rather than erroneous textbooks and help archive old documents for other people to read, listen to, and browse. I am trying to improve my typing speed and accuracy as well as my image description skills for images on this website, so it looks like I have a great opportunity to practice.

Apparently my fever is back (:S) That's no fun. You know what is fun though? The video game Inside. I won't spoil it. It's a stylized but realistic-looking side scroller. I wanna know how it ends! My partner bought it so that they can play through it while I watch. I'm too jumpy to play "scary" games, but I like to watch.

I'm tapped. Seeya next post! Thanks for stopping by.