My partner and I made some shortbread cookies after dinner yesterday. We tried to add cherry cordial to give them cherry flavor, but it didn't really come through once they were baked. We made the cherry cordial from sour cherries we picked and processed off of our landlord's cherry tree. We could probably use the cordial to flavor some cream filling for sandwich cookies instead. The shortbread cookies are definitely still tasty though!

I am having a wonderful time looking at all of the sites that people have created on Neocities and learning how to develop my own. I like the serious pieces people write, as well as the light, fun fluff posts. This is the internet experience I have been sorely missing. It has reminded me of AO3, which I was surprised to learn is still up and running! I read a lot of fanfiction as a middle schooler after school, and I was a chronic day dreamer in class. I started reading some fanfics about my current interests recently.

I never posted much content on the internet aside from having an anonymous Deviantart. I don't remember when I stopped using that site, either. I am discovering that there is something liberating and humanizing for me about putting things out for people to see, and consuming other people's long-form content. I have had a lot of email pen pals throughout my life. I like the long-form style of communication because it feels like I get a nice slice of my pen pal's life pie, and I get space to flesh out my life happenings for them. It's a special kind of intimacy. I guess that's what a blog is, but it's public (even if it's anonymous), and we're all reading each other's open letters.

I want to start another ferment maybe tomorrow because it's been two weeks since I started the last one. That way, I won't run out of ferment to eat if one of my batches goes bad. I'll post an update about the one I started on here tomorrow. The ferment starts to look the same once it reaches the second stage so it becomes less interesting to check on until it's ready to eat.

Thanks for stopping by! Seeya next time.