I made better crackers using the same recipe today that I used a couple days ago. They are actually crisp! I think they would hold up to some brie pretty well. I cut the salt in half, still left the sugar out, and used caraway seeds instead of rosemary. They're delightfully savory.

I've finally started baking savory things. It's been a goal for me for awhile. I made a chicken pot pie entirely from scratch for dinner tonight, too. It's in the oven right now. I had something approximating pot pie for the first time last year at a couch surfing community potluck my friend hosted. I'm not a member, I was just a guest of the host. One of their other guests made a caserole-style one with biscuits on top. I think it was vegan too? It was very comforting. I wanted to try making one myself.

The first time I saw a pot pie in-person was when I was a vegetarian (I didn't have any then because it had chicken in it). I was in high school, and it was around this time of year. I was spending time at a beau's house. His mom made sure that there were after-school snacks in the freezer and in the pantry that he could easily prepare by himself. Their close relationship was endearing.

His parents took such good care of their little bungalow in one of the quiet parts of town. I was there once when he received new clothes, and his mother reminded him to pick out the same number of items in each category to donate so that his dresser could accomodate everything. It became one of my life goals to live similarly to this family eventually; quietly enjoying each other's time and company in a clean, sparce dwelling that was under their means.

I am grateful for where I am, who I am with, and what I am able to do in my spare time now.

I started playing around with Godot Engine yesterday. I made an animated pixel spaceship in Pixelorama and then imported it as a spritesheet into Godot Engine. Today I coded the ship to move around in all directions in space and shoot little green beams. I'm really excited that I was able to get it to this stage in two days with only internet tutorials and elbow grease. Tools are getting so advanced nowadays. In a different project, I programmed a vertical jumping character and added downforce for when they hold onto a wall, similar to the physics of Aliph, the main character in Even the Ocean.

I also wrote a new song draft in Muse Score and went through my library to edit songs I wrote recently. Some things I noticed about my song writing are that I use triplets often in even time signatures, I use thirds and fifths, and I write in B flat major/G minor most often. I got to the end of today thinking I didn't accomplish much with my day, but after writing it all out here, I feel much better! I think I'll spend tomorrow relaxing with my partner to bring in the new year.

I hope you're having a good new year time, wherever you are and whoever you're with. Thanks for stopping by, seeya next year! (That's my partner's favorite joke.)