My partner recently removed the Raspberry Pi OS from our Pi 4 because an application that communicates with M*cr*soft was installed without users’ knowledge or consent. This apparently ruined some folks’ headless Linux servers (the video is long). We were ready to try out some other Linux operating systems anyway to become more acquainted with our Linux Mint neighbors.

The first one we tried was Manjaro. We used the XFCE edition because it was lighter weight. It was slick and polished and seemed to have a ton of professional-grade programs. It was a little too big for our little device, but I might consider using it in the future on my laptop if my computer skills increase.

The OS we settled on for now for the Raspberry Pi is Twister OS. I like it a lot as a modern computers novice, and it supports a lot of programs and applications I like to use on my Mint 20 laptop. As a fun bonus, they offer desktop environment skins that look like older M@c and M*cr*soft OS’s that people in their late 20’s to early 40’s might feel nostalgic about. I chose the Windows XP skin because that was the OS we had for the longest in the house I grew up in. My dad kept updating it and tricking the license agreements on the proprietary programs for years until we were finally locked out of it.

The version of Twister OS we downloaded includes a copy of the fan-made game AM2R (“A Metroid 2 Remake”). My partner and I play Metroid games as a bonding activity. I can’t physically use my hands for the intricate motions in action games, especially with controllers larger than Gamecube controllers, but my partner can. We solve the puzzles together. I like experiencing the stories, quieter horror aspects, and action as a team.

We beat the game yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot! The graphics are true to source, while independently creative. The music is awesome and pleasantly nestles in my head. Some of the puzzles are infuriatingly difficult like the source. I feel like they captured the essence of Metroid games and gave it their own unique spin.

Nintendo sent them a cease and desist. I’m not sure how to get a "safe" copy of this game aside from through Twister OS, but I highly recommend it if you like Metroid games. It bums me out that doujinshi everything is run off the road by companies and copyright laws. I enjoy doujinshi as an extension of love for a series and as a loosely defined, enthusiastic, generally anonymous “community”. I feel like at its best, it's a space for a lot of marginalized folks to rewrite characters as more like them.

It makes me think of all of the remixes of Nintendo songs that slap harder than the originals that the artists can’t publish, but I love them because they’re based on songs that are hardwired into my head due to excessive game playing as a kid. I played Luigi’s Mansion a lot—I love this remix on Soundcloud of the main theme.

Anyhow! On my Linux Mint 20 laptop, I’ve been putzing hardcore with Godot Engine. The manual that Godot offers on their website is basically a series of tutorials. I’m trying to do a couple pieces a day to increase my knowledge and proficiency. I recently learned that Pixelorama and Godot are related (go figure!).

I found the medieval instruments in Muse Score and figured out a lot of other useful functionalities recently, so I’ve been messing around with that when I have down time.

So uh. Yeah. Lots of Linux stuff in my life lately. I hope you’re getting time to dig into things you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by, seeya again soon.