I finally got covid. I took a test to verify it. I’m incredibly grateful that I got the vaccine series, though I didn’t get the booster for this season. I hadn’t been this kind of sick for a while. The fever has been ridiculous. It was nearly high enough that I should’ve gone in, but the thing that is bothering me the most is my muscles feel like I have arthritis and/or growing pains. Maybe that’s not quite right. It feels like I’m having charley horses everywhere. Tylenol doesn’t seem to take the edge off, but it brings the fever down. I’m so tired but I can’t sleep.

It was odd, to see the double lines on the test after however long it’s been that it all started. It didn’t fill me with dread. I was more annoyed than anything, since I don’t have enough paid sick time to cover the days I have to be out. It’s been going around at my workplace. We’ve all been sloppy, acting like it doesn’t exist or matter now. Clients don’t wear masks, workers rarely wear masks unless they know they have a cold. We work with people with vulnerable immune systems who generally spread things around easily. I’m pretty confident I’ll be fine by the time it’s out of my system. I hope I didn’t pass it to anyone else before I knew, though.

I’ve been reading a lot of library books. I’m not sure if I need to tell them when I return them that I have covid? Maybe I’ll put them in sealed bags or envelopes and label them. I think they had been doing some sort of sanitation routine during the pandemic when they did contactless pick up and drop off.

I started a kombucha a bit ago. It’s been years since I’ve made it, now that I think about it. It’s almost time for the second ferment. I used a malty assam as the base, and I'm going to use peach juice concentrate for the fizzy step. I’m going to gift it to my brother for the holidays. Although, I need to keep enough to keep the scoby going, so it won’t be much. I’m going to try to make him a snack basket from scratch, too. We’ll see.

I made two smaller batches of different flavors of sauerkraut a couple weeks ago. They’re ready now, just in time for me being sick haha. One of them I put a lot of ginger, garlic, red onion, carrots, and cucumbers in. The other is red onion, garlic, and caraway seeds. The first one is bright and refreshing. I’m trying to figure out if the other one didn’t work out. It smells “oof”, but tastes ok.

Anyway, I wrote this up because I’m tired and restless. I want to write more fun stuff soon. I hope you’re doing well and keeping healthy. See you again sometime.